How to apply

Apply either by e-mail using the e-mail shortcut on the relevant job description page on this website, or by surface mail to the address on the ‘contact us’ page of this website.

When you apply via the e-mail links on our job pages, the e-mail will contain CV "cover sheet" questions that will make our processing of your application easier.  If you apply a different way, please click here to access our CV cover sheet template and submit this information with your application.

Showreels or other work samples submitted on DVD or CD-ROM are preferred, alternatively you can include a link to a web-based showreel or attach copies of your best work to the e-mail.

Emails bigger than 20 Mbyte (including attachments) will be automatically rejected.

Frontier are not currently considering candidates from Recruitment Agencies, those who wish to work on a freelance basis, or those who wish to work from home.


Tips for applying

  • Your application allows us to form an initial impression of you – for example, it gives us a first chance to assess your communication skills as well as your CV, showreel or sample work.  So its worth taking some care over.
  • Apply using the e-mail links contained in the relevant  job sections of this website, and please complete the CV "cover sheet" questions that are embedded in the e-mail as part of your application.  This will help us to process your application more efficiently.
  • Only send through what you consider to be your very best and most relevant sample work / demo / show reel – the people reviewing your work often have limited time to consider each application and its better that you make a quick initial impact rather than requiring us to sift through a large body of work.