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About Us

Frontier's founder David Braben's work in games started way back in 1982 when David co-authored the seminal game "Elite".

Frontier has built a uniquely diverse track record comprising games that have defined genres, been critically acclaimed and sold many millions of copies.

Having worked with a succession of top publishers we now self-publish our own titles, developing high quality, innovative games of different genres across all major gaming formats.

We strive to make games that will put both Frontier and the games industry itself at the forefront of the world entertainment industry.

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Elite Dangerous

The spectacular new multi-player installment in the seminal open world series of space games that started with Elite.

Head for the stars, take a ship and trade, bounty-hunt, pirate and assassinate your way across the Milky Way galaxy.

Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster is the future of coaster park simulation games.

Limitless freedom to build rides and scenery piece by piece, advanced management simulation gameplay, and a connected global village where everyone can share in your creativity.