Planet Coaster is the future of coaster park simulation games. Limitless freedom to build rides and scenery piece by piece, advanced management simulation gameplay, and a connected global village where everyone can share in your creativity. Out now! Find out more here.

Elite Dangerous' second season of major expansions kicked off in December 2015 with the epic Planetary Landings expansion - travel seamlessly from space to any point on the surface of accurately simulated planets and moons throughout our full-scale Milky Way galaxy, and drive new SRV ground vehicles. Each 1:1 scale world offers incredible vistas and countless gameplay opportunities. Horizons continues into 2016 with further major expansions dedicated to gameplay, community, and narrative. Find out more here.

Elite: Dangerous is a high-end, epic 'open world' multi-player space-sim trading/combat PC and Mac experience.  This cutting edge crowd-funded franchise re-boot also delivers an astonishing VR experience. Head for the stars, take a ship and trade, bounty-hunt, pirate or assassinate your way across the galaxy. It's an awe inspiring, beautiful, vast place; with 400 billion star systems, planets, moons and asteroid fields just waiting to be explored and exploited. Out now. Find out more here.

Zoo Tycoon is the first incarnation of this major franchise on console - Frontier's game was regarded as one of the stand-out launch titles for Xbox One on fall 2013.  Find out more here.  

Coaster Crazy for iOS
This astonishing new rollercoaster game invites you to journey around the world (and to the moon) to build a coaster empire. Coasters! Pandas! Zombies! Cheerleaders! Explosions! What’s not to like?! Check out our Coaster Crazy website

LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias was released for iOS in May 2012, instantly becoming the App Store's iPad game of the week. View LostWinds 2 videos and screenshots.

Apple App Store's worldwide Game of the Week and TouchGen's Platformer of the Year 2011.  LostWinds is absorbing, beautiful and fun - an essential experience on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Put the power of the Wind at the tips of your fingers!  Visit our LostWinds page for details.

Disneyland Adventures
Bring the magic of Disneyland into your home. Harnessing the controller-free magic of Kinect for Xbox 360, "Kinect: Disneyland Adventures" allows children, families and Disney fans of all ages to explore Disneyland park. Visit our Kinect Disneyland Adventures page for more info.

Kinectimals for Kinect on Xbox 360, brings an extraordinary journey of discovery and wonder to the living rooms of animal lovers of all ages. Enhanced in 2011 with the ultimate addition - Bears! Visit our Kinectimals web page for more info.



Thrillville Off The Rails




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