Darxide EMP

Darxide EMP™ - Frontier's first game for mobile devices, published by Frontier, was launched in February 2003. It is an updated (re-balanced) version of the original Darxide for the Sega 32X.

Available for both Pocket PC and Nokia Series 60 Mobile phones, it is sold as a download from Frontier's website and other content aggregators’ sites.

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Darxide EMP™ delivers console quality gaming on your Nokia Series 60 mobile or Pocket PC

It can be played in short bursts or for hours on end, and features:

  • Outstanding, varied gameplay based on fast-paced space shooting action
  • High performance true-3D graphics
  • Smooth, responsive controls

Additionally the game offers multi-channel audio and has French, German, Italian and Spanish language options as well as English (in-game voices are English only). Both right- and left-handed operation is supported.

The game is played over 16 varied missions of increasing difficulty. Shooting enemies gives an immediate 'blast', but to progress you must upgrade your ship, adapt your tactics and carefully manage your resources.

We put a lot of effort into game-play balancing to produce a well-pitched learning curve. To progress you need to continually upgrade your ship with pick-ups. In addition to the 'quick fix' of destroying things, there is a variety of different, well structured, increasingly challenging mission criteria which mean that thought is required as you progress - enemies have different weaknesses and attack modes, and need different strategies to overcome them. Later on in the game you also have to manage resources - for example as lasers get more powerful they deplete your energy quicker, requiring you to hunt energy crystals.


Darxide EMP is a very accessible game that is easy to ''dip'' into, but which encourages and rewards extended repeat play, and the true-3D graphics performance on your Pocket PC or Nokia Series 60 phone will delight you. Darxide EMP stands out as a true ''experience'' - try it today and see what a great games machine your Pocket PC or Nokia Series 60 phone really is.....

  • ergonomic control layout
  • left- or right-handed operation
  • full re-configuration of controls to suit your personal preference
  • voice acting

The technical achievement in making a true-3D, fast-paced game for mobile platforms is compelling enough, but Darxide EMP also has a truly exceptional gaming pedigree - it is the result of a collaboration between Frontier's David Braben and Peter Irvin, who each co-authored the games Elite and Exile respectively.  The ''Darxide'' game was originally published by Sega on the Sega Megadrive 32X console, and was well received (awarded ''Best 32X Game'').

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Pocket PC, Nokia Series 60

Release date

Feb 2003

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This will probably be the best investment you ever make for your Series 60 phone. Anyone mention Game of the Year?!

5 / 5 games-art

What makes Darxide special is its technical splendor… hours of entertainment, which is rare for most mobile games… the setting is awesome

81% Wireless Games Review

Possibly the best game available for Pocket PC… It looks great and plays great - what more is there to say?

100% InfoSync