Frontier’s Board provides guidance and counsel for the company:

David Braben, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Founded Frontier in 1994. 

David Walsh, Chief Operating Officer

Joined Frontier in 2000 from ARM.

Jonny Watts, Chief Creative Officer
Joined Frontier in 1998 from Sensible Software.

David Gammon, Non-Executive Chairman
Joined Frontier in 2012. Experienced NED and serial investor

Charles Cotton, Non-Executive Director Joined Frontier in 2016. Has a successful worldwide track record in high-growth technology companies.


About Frontier Developments

cambridge_cropped_600Cambridge, UK

Frontier was founded in 1994 by David Braben, co-author of the seminal "Elite", to carry forward his groundbreaking work and development ethos into projects with a scale and ambition that only teams of skilled professionals can tackle.

David plays a very active role in the company. With a talented team of developers and experienced managers he has helped Frontier successfully to navigate three exciting decades of the ever-changing technology landscape of mass-market gaming platforms and overseen Frontier's emergence as one of the worldwide games industry's leading independent developers.

Frontier’s development strengths are immersive, fun gameplay design and unparalleled artistic quality underpinned and enabled by cutting-edge technology development and a talent for getting the best out of hardware and UI.

We are developing a growing number of self-published titles using digital distribution channels on the major gaming platforms.

We are currently around 300 individuals. We are actively looking to recruit strong candidates, both graduate and industry experienced, in many disciplines to work on our exciting, diverse mix of projects on cutting-edge gaming platforms.


QUALITY. Quality in all aspects of what we do is our primary objective, and the key factor in what makes a successful game. Our highly talented people use robust processes and tools to deliver innovative, successful, top quality games on time and to budget.

INNOVATION. In an industry littered with ‘me too’ products, Frontier’s track record for delivering successful games that 'raise the bar' in a wide range of different genres is remarkable, and stands as testament to our belief that in order to have true success its necessary to challenge convention and 'think different'.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. We are 'only as good as our last game' and strive to always improve every aspect of our performance.

A FOCUS ON PEOPLE. Frontier is no more and no less than the sum total of the skills, experience, and motivation of the many talented individuals we are proud to call our colleagues. We foster a friendly, open, professional working environment where all are encouraged to contribute their ideas. We believe in being ‘agile’ (lower case ‘a’) and building teams of talented, motivated people to do extraordinary work. We are very keen to develop all our people’s potential to the full. We hold annual performance / career reviews and ongoing training, and promote from within.

Uniquely Diverse Track Record

Our track record consists of a uniquely diverse set of games, each linked only by their success and Frontier’s underlying drive for innovation, timely delivery and above all, quality.

We have created games that have defined genres, been critically acclaimed and sold many millions of copies (see our Games for details).

But our best is yet to come.

In-House Tech & Tools


Our development pipeline includes both industry standard packages and our own state-of-the-art in-house COBRA tools and technology.


COBRA has been carefully planned, developed and evolved since 1988.  

We implement our own cutting-edge techniques and tools, and supplement this with licensed middleware for 'commodity' uses as appropriate.

This offers a stimulating development environment that allows us to maximise the performance we extract from hardware platforms and fully leverage the efforts and talents of our people.

Cobra allows us to deliver industry-leading gameplay innovations and efficient multi-platform development.


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